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David Crowder

David Crowder

DAVID CROWDER is the pastor of music and arts at University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, where he lives with his wife, Toni. A talented musician and worship leader, he has released three CDs on the sixstepsrecords/EMICMG label.
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Never Let Go                            Add to Cart
Never Let Go
Only $6.99 Reg. $8.99
American Prodigal                       Add to Cart
American Prodigal
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Neon Steeple                            Add to Cart
Neon Steeple
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Wholly Yours                            Add to Cart
Wholly Yours
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How He Loves                            Add to Cart
How He Loves
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Neon Steeple Extravaganza               Add to Cart
Neon Steeple Extravaganza
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